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Forever is the world

Forever is the world 1. Hide and Seek
2. A Nine Days Wonder
3. Revolution
4. Transition
5. Hollow
6. Astray
7. Frozen
8. Empty (bonus track)
9. Illusions
10. Deadland
11. Forever is the world
12. The Breaking (vinyl bonus)

Complete lyrics available here
Released on September 18th, 2009 through AFM Records

Produced by Alex Møklebust and Theatre of Tragedy
Mixed and engineered by Alex Møklebust
Recorded at Room 13 and Suksesslaboratoriet
Mastered by Björn Engelmann at Cutting Room, Sweden
Additional engineering by Mads Størkersen and Aleksander Nyhus
Drum editing/digitalization and additional string arrangements by Pzy-Clone
Additional writing and arrangements on Hide and Seek, Revolution and Frozen by Kristian Sigland
Bass by Magnus Westgaard
Artwork by Thomas Ewerhard
Band photos by Fredrik Ringe, Mimikk fotostudio
All music and lyrics by Theatre of Tragedy

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